Places to visit

San Diego overview

Your travel tax dollars at work. An efficient overview of San Diego.

San Diego Zoo

World-class efforts to understand and to protect animals and plants. A 20- minute drive from the SWIM2020 venue.

Midway aircraft carrier

Iconic. Nearly all areas of the ship are now open for viewing. Plan a minimum of 2 hours; you'll be impressed. Gets a million visitors a year, but is never crowded.

The beach

Steps from the SWIM2020 venue. SoCal at its finest. Take a walk on the Mission Beach board walk, ride the roller coaster, body surf, rent roller blades, or a surfboard, and have the Beachboys playing  in your heads. Locals do it; you can too.


San Diego's small town version of a happening downtown scene. Restaurants, bars, and outdoor dining.


We have a bunch. Every Native American band seems to have their casino, small to big, Range from 10-minute to 60-minute drives from the SWIM2020 venue.

Tijuana, Mexico

Yes, Mexico is 20 minutes away. And, when you step over the border, it really does feel way different from San Diego. Taxi, Uber, or Lyft will get you there fast, And they operate in Mexico. Do not drive across the border. Walk; its much, much faster.