SWIM2020 — Field trips

SWIM2020 offers 2 field trips, each educational and fun!

Pick one field trip and register/pay below. 

Note: Each field trip will be limited to the first 50 people. Don't wait and miss out! Participation in the field trips requires registration for the SWIM2020 conference.


Field Trip 1 – North

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Field Trip 1 — Desalination, 3D visualization, Surfing

Included: luxury coach, lunch, and surf lessons.

Stop 1. Largest ocean desalination facility in the western hemisphere. Tour the massive Carlsbad facility, a re-purposed power generation plant that provides 50,000 acre-feet per year of potable water for Southern California. https://www.carlsbaddesal.com

Stop 2. 3D visualization lab at the University of California San Diego supercomputer center. Experience not just seeing, but walking inside, the geology and groundwater of San Diego.


Stop 3. Surfing lessons, or a kayak trip. Visit La Jolla Shores, an iconic Southern California beach, where Surf Divas will provide you a wetsuit and surfboard, teach you how to surf, and guarantee you’ll ride a wave. Or do a kayak trip through coastal caves if you prefer.


Note: Space is limited. Itinerary subject to change. 


Field Trip 2 – South

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Field Trip 2 — Desalination, Transboundary issues, San Diego Zoo

Included: luxury coach, lunch, and zoo entrance.

Stop 1. Coastal groundwater desalination. Tour the Reynolds brackish groundwater desalination facility, which provides 6,000 acre-feet of potable water for the San Diego area. Visit the adjacent solar panels used to power the plant, and a 2000-foot-deep, multiple-depth, monitoring-well site used to manage seawater intrusion and land deformation.


Stop 2. Transborder water issues between the USA and Mexico. Visit the Tijuana River estuary where transboundary water management involves rapid urbanization, uncontrolled runoff with sediment and trash, decreased salinity of the salt marsh, endangered species, and the 4th busiest border crossing in the world.


Stop 3. San Diego Zoo. Visit one of the most famous zoos in the world. View a huge variety of animals in state-of-the-art enclosures, and an even wider array of plants that are worth more than the animals. Listen to zoo officials describe how they use DNA to enhance the breeding program.


Note: Space is limited. Itinerary subject to change.